We are a cadaveric skills-lab in Denver, Colorado. Our support and advisory team is hyper focused on improving access to advanced critical care skills training.

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    Emergency medical care during the “Golden Hour” after an injury is crucial. Close to 90% of casualties occur before the wounded person reaches a medical facility. Therefore, the life or death of a wounded person is most often in the hands of the team that provides initial care.

    To help bolster critical care training, Link to Learn offers a cadaveric lab in Denver as well as a mobile cadaveric lab service. We provide cadavers preserved through a proprietary method that maintains lifelike tissue consistency. The primary benefit of the mobile lab is that it can be set-up on site at virtually any location or training facility in the US. This mitigates geographic limitations, lowers training costs, and increases opportunities for critical care training mastery.

    Ultimately, our goal is to help ensure that our front-line critical care teams are tested, trained and ready to save lives during the critical Golden Hour.

    We've helped train:
    Emergency Medical Technicians | Paramedics | Fire Fighters | Flight Nurses | Physician Assistants | Respiratory Therapists | Trauma Surgeons | Military Medics | Law Enforcement Medics

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    We’ve got the expertise to help people save lives.

    Bio-Skills Lab

    We provide enhanced human cadavers to be used for medical training at our 6 table lab in Denver, Colorado. Contact us for lab and classroom availability.


    We use a collection of technologies and tactics to deliver virtual medical education services. Contact us to schedule a class.

    Field Expedient Lab

    We delivered modular equipment for full lifecycle support of enhanced human cadavers to be used for medical training in a field operational environment.

    Tactical Advisor Team

    We proudly work with Advanced Tactical Paramedics/Special Operations Combat Medics (ATP/SOCM). Contact us to design a course.

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